Corporate & Social Responsibility

We are currently undergoing accreditation to achieve Chain of Custody Certification by the Forest Steward Council and have implemented a chain of custody procedure to ensure compliance to the Forest Steward Council scheme. We try to avoid using timber from illegally harvested sources, wood from genetically modified trees or from uncertified high conservation value old-growth forests.

More and more of our suppliers use certified timber, but where certified material is not yet available, we are working with our suppliers to implement their own chain of custody or find an alternative supplier.

We recycle a significant amount of scrap metal, cardboard, and furniture every year - 75 tonnes of scrap metal in the last year alone - and separate our waste in order to reduce our landfill impact. Approximately 92% of the packaging we use is cardboard, and is made up of 75% recycled material and is 100% recyclable, and we have already recycled more than 550 tonnes of cardboard and plastic. We recycle our electrical items and white goods, and we are a council approved recycling agent.

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