Gold contract mattresses

REF: IM-22709D

This durable mattress is designed with both comfort and
longevity in mind, whilst combining a more domestic look
with contract standards. A turnable mattress which is easy
to keep clean: water resistant, stain resistant and wipeable
ticking, whilst also offering, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and
anti-fungal properties. Filled with layers of luxury fibres and
foam, plus a 13.5 gauge spring unit, side and edge supports
and vents. Includes handles on all mattresses from 3FT9
2ft6 x 6ft3: W77 x L190 x H18cm
2ft9 x 6ft3: W84 x L190 x H18cm
3ft x 6ft3: W92 x L190 x H18cm
3ft x 6ft6: W92 x L199 x H18cm
3ft x 6ft9: W92 x L206 x H18cm
3ft x 7ft: W92 x L214 x H18cm
3ft9 x 6ft3: W115 x L190 x H18cm
3ft9 x 6ft6: W115 x L199 x H18cm
3ft9 x 6ft9: W115 x L206 x H18cm
3ft9 x 7ft: W115 x L214 x H18cm
4ft x 6ft3: W122 x L190 x H18cm
4ft x 6ft6: W122 x L199 x H18cm
4ft x 6ft9: W122 x L206 x H18cm
4ft x 7ft: W122 x L214 x H18cm
4ft6 x 6ft3: W138 x L190 x H18cm
4ft6 x 6ft6: W138 x L199 x H18cm
4ft6 x 6ft9: W138 x L206 x H18cm
4ft6 x 7ft: W138 x L214 x H18cm
5ft x 6ft6: W199 x L153 x H18cm
6ft x 6ft6: W199 x L183 x H18cm

from £89.00/ exc. VAT